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The Energy of Mars in Pisces: Spiritual or Sloth?

With transiting Mars currently in Pisces, I thought I’d share an example of the potential manifestations of its energy in action.

Mars (the need to apply a certain type of energy toward fulfillment) in the sign of Pisces can dilute or hold back energy flow making the externalization of powers difficult. On the other hand, inspiration may be necessary for its expression and materialization.

A few days ago, I needed several tall trees pruned that were growing close to my home. A friend gave me the name and contact of a man in town that does this kind of work.

After several attempts to contact him — each time his not showing up when he said he would — he finally arrived on Monday to give me a quote, and agreed that he would return the following morning on February 3, 2015 at 9 AM to accomplish the work.

The following day at 9 AM, he was nowhere to be found and not responding to my phone calls. By 10:30 AM, I decided to call a gardener who I’d used in the past to see whether he could do the work. He said he could, and that he would be at my home at 1:30 PM, along with his brother to assist him.

Note the chart at 9 AM (when the man was scheduled to begin the work, but never showed up): transiting Mars in Pisces, ruler of the Aries Ascendant, is hidden away in the 12th house: potentially lost, rebellious, a concealed or deep-rooted anger, or bucking or challenging the organization or system. Here we see Mars in Pisces, potentially manifesting as a sloth with internal frustration or low physical energy flow.

In contrast, the gardener arrived with his brother at 1:30 PM, with tools in hand and a small mp3 music player with speakers to accompany their work. As I listened, I heard beautiful soft religious music with lyrics praising the Divine. And as they cut and pruned the trees, inspired by the music, both brothers sang along in unison. Glorious! In three hours, the work was complete!

Note the chart at 1:30 PM with Gemini (the sign of siblings, brothers) rising on the Ascendant. Transiting Mars, now high in the sky in the 10th house of job and social standing, with transiting Venus exalted in Pisces conjunct the Midheaven and conjunct Neptune in Pisces, the final dispositor of the chart! Neptune with Venus is always symbolic of music. The sign of Pisces, representing spirituality, inspiration, and the Grace, Glory and Beauty of the Divine!

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