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“Your astrology study guides are absolutely awesome!” M.B., USA

“Keep on bringing out your study guides. They are a great way to learn.” T.L., Australia

“I absolutely love your astrology eBooks! Fascinating and I’ve learned so much.” S.L., U.K.

“You are a natural teacher! Your clarity enables understanding and makes learning fun! Thanks a million. Keep up the great work!” K.J., S. Africa

“Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom that you share with us. I’m currently using many of your teachings in my astrology practice and study. The way you teach your craft is impeccable. Thank you again for everything you do. I look forward to future lectures that come my way!” B.J., Australia

“Transits, Timing & Events is excellent because we get to hear how your mind works; how you put together the astrological pieces; how you create possible life scenerios. Just letting the symbolism speak, often in the most obvious way, was more then enough to create the picture. Really good stuff! Love your work!” J.F., USA

“I loved the Transit study guide. Even as a seasoned astrologer I still find I learn so much from your lectures; they are so clear and well-presented. Love your work! Thanks for raising the global standard on Astrology.” P.G., U.K.

“Your study guide on Love and Relationships is fantastic! You put it all so clearly and simply. I look forward to your next lesson — whatever subject you choose will be brilliant! In appreciation of your work.” L.W., Australia

“Consulting about Love and Relationships is a great study guide — very clear and well structured.” E.S., USA

“I must say you have done extraordinary instructive work!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I loved the way you organized things.” N.P., Portugal

“Your structure and spoken presentation introducing the Lunation Cycle is really excellent!” G.F., Austria

“Your study guide on the Lunation Cycle is fantastic. Your teaching is so very clear – I just love it. Keep those guides coming!” L.W., Australia

“I’ve been listening to your lecture and practicing rectification. It’s so much fun and your lecture is very helpful.” L.G., USA

“I am blown away by the streamlined elegance of your rectification technique! Following your methods will save me hours of trying this, trying that. Well done and thanks a million for sharing this with us.” K.J., S. Africa

“I want to congratulate you on your birth time rectification work. It is very clear in voice and documents and I love it… I will recommend it to friends and students.” A.C., Mexico

“I found Horoscope Preparation absolutely fascinating and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned.” L.W., U.K.

“I want to tell you how informative and useful I find your work. Thank you for all your dedication to our learning.” M.T., U.A.E.

“Please keep up the good work. Your study guides are very good and I hope you continue to offer more. You certainly have a talent in teaching and communicating the essential information.” A.L., Greece

“I enjoy your astrology study guides immensely! You have a natural ability at Astrology as well as teaching it. I love your flow charts. I find them so orderly and a wonderfully easy way of reading the sequence of events in a person’s life.” F.A., Australia


How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease - An Astrological View


“Thank you so much, Lauren. The world needs a book like yours.” -C.L. CT

“It’s a fact Lauren, this incredible eBook is my keystone when I need to evaluate health issues!” N.P., Portugal

“There are a couple of extremely brilliant astrologers among us…you are certainly one of them. Thank you for publishing this book!” -R.T., NJ

“I’m so glad you put this book together. I’ve been studying Medical Astrology for many years and I am so glad to know someone who made the astrological connections you did between emotional conflicts and disease. Good job on the work and research you put together so well.” -R. C., CO

“Well done!” -M.W., S. Africa

“Many thanks, dear Lauren! A big compliment on your excellent book! I am reading it now and cannot stop!” -G.F., Austria

“Your wonderful book is amazing and original … and very fitting with my philosophy on health and illness.” –J.L., Belgium

“I am reading your book now…fascinating stuff! I highly recommend your book.” -A.O., CT

“Your book is wonderful and very easy to understand, even though I am not an astrologer.” -S.D., MD

“THANK YOU so much for writing this book! I have been studying astrology for the last 30 years. Your book is brilliant and you are a fabulous writer! I am reading it slowly as I want to savor it. I am in awe of your gift to summarize and integrate this information so succinctly and lucidly. It’s not only brilliant astrology but brilliant synthesizing of these groundbreaking medical findings! You have made these incredible medical discoveries accessible for anyone to understand as well as making a major contribution to Astrology. The dissemination and integrationof these ideas is urgent at the moment. This book is a great help in dissolving the terror and powerlessness conjured around disease, especially cancer. I really can’t praise this work enough. Your book is a huge contribution to these times which can be described as an amazing renaissance (disguised as ugly Armageddon). Great Work, Lauren! You wonderful trail blazer!” –S.B., Australia

“I find your book so fascinating and it really resonates with me. What a wonderful job you have done. It is a wonderful presentation and I believe it will help many people.” -D.T., CA

“I am a psychotherapist with over 25 years experience in spiritual facilitation, energy work and astrology. I am very excited about what I’ve read for myself and my clients. Thanks for your contribution to universal wellness!” -P.C., WI

“I am really enthusiastic about the amazingly well-structured information and learning process about critical illness in your book. I wanted to learn a lot more about critical illnesses and your book was just what I was looking for. Thank you for creating this for our Astrology and medical world!” -H.V., Netherlands

“I am sincerely impressed with your work. Your writing is so clear, so well organized and extremely interesting. The amount of research you have done is formidable and the results totally fascinating. Thank you for writing such an exciting, informative and useful book.” -M.T., U.A.E.


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