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Michele Bachmann and 2012

Michele Bachmann, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidential election in 2012, was born on April 6, 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa.

Bachmann herself has stated that her birth time is 12:08, however she did not specify whether she was born in the A.M. or P.M. (see link here for details). Regardless of a birth time shortly after midday or midnight, there is plenty to study in her horoscope with past life events. Please see both horoscopes posted below.

Upon initial study of Bachmann’s horoscope, I noted with great interest the transits occurring in her horoscope in 2012.

Using 8th harmonic aspects (conjunction, semisquare, square, sequiquadrate and opposition), we see that transiting Neptune will be semisquare her natal Sun and Mercury, and square her natal Venus and Saturn throughout 2012 into early 2013. The first hit of Neptune’s transit will be in March/April 2012, the retrograde hit in July/August 2012, and the final hit in January/February 2013.

Regardless of where these 4 natal planets are positioned in the horoscope or which houses (areas of life) they rule, we know that any hard transit from Neptune to the natal Sun can register as confusion, a suppression of the ego, and often represents some kind of defeat due to circumstances in life that can become overwhelming. It is usually a signal to get on a new track, to start over, and to be real.

Coupled with Neptune’s transit to natal Mercury, this can suggest a lack of clarity or insecurity with one’s thinking, judgment, ideas or communication. Transiting Neptune in hard aspect to Venus can symbolize potential delusion with love or feeling unrequited. And finally, transiting Neptune to natal Saturn can register as a dissolving or loss of past ambitions, a sense of being wronged, and possibly also depression.

Now one of the best ways in astrology to understand how future events can potentially manifest is by studying an individual’s past. Let’s study when transiting Neptune was in hard aspect to Bachmann’s natal Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

This transit has occurred twice before in Bachmann’s life: the first time in December 1970 throughout August 1972, and the second time in 1992.

A recent article in The New Yorker entitled “Leap of Faith” fills-in the details we need to know about these important times in Bachmann’s past.

Bachmann’s parents separated in 1968. One month after the divorce was finalized in July 1970, her father married a woman in Las Vegas twelve years his junior, and moved to California. Bachmann said that her parent’s break-up devastated her and left the family impoverished:

“We had to sell our home and sell most of the things that we had and move into a little apartment.”

Soon after, her mother married a widower with five children (exact data unknown). In 2006, Bachmann stated that she grew up with “the emotional struggles of not having a strong father in my life.”

The signal to start over again and be real occurred just after Neptune’s final transit when she joined a High School prayer group and became a born-again Christian in November 1972: “…When Jesus Christ came in and cleaned out this dark heart, that was light. That was rest. That was peace. It was refreshment. Why would I ever want the world? I knew what that had to offer. This was great. That didn’t mean that I woke and all of a sudden I had money, all of a sudden I had position, all of a sudden I had education. It didn’t. But what it meant was that all of a sudden I had a father.”

“It was very helpful to join the prayer group. That’s when I gave my life over to God, and it was a life-changing experience for me to recognize that I wanted him to be in control of my life rather than me being in control of my life.”

Fascinating what we can learn by studying one’s past! The significance in any natal horoscope of the Sun and Saturn are representative of the father figure.

The year 1992 was also extremely significant in Bachmann’s life. In 1988 Bachmann began working for the next 4 years as a federal tax litigation attorney at the I.R.S. Office of Chief Counsel in St. Paul, MN.

Two of her children were born during this time and she spent a good deal of her time on maternity leave, causing resentment amongst her co-workers who had to handle Bachmann’s workload.

After the birth of her fourth child in 1992, Bachmann left the I.R.S. to be a stay-at-home mother, and at the same time, began taking in foster teenage girls with eating disorders. “In my heart, God put something in me toward young people that I wanted to make sure the Gospel would go out to young people. So that young people could come to know Jesus at an early age, the earlier the better, so that they wouldn’t have to go through those pitfalls.” The call to start over on a new track led Bachmann in 1993 to create the New Heights charter school in Stillwater, as a result of her dissatisfaction with a disciplined education system that “had more to do with indoctrinating kids than educating kids.” The new school was mandated to be “non-sectarian in all programs, admission policies, employment practices and all other operations.”

Based on Bachmann’s past life events during Neptune’s transit to her natal Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, we know that it led her to a religious awakening and spiritual calling that provided a sense of condolence from the loss of her father, and a sense of life purpose with fostering and educating young teenage girls.

The point is, is that this transit of Neptune in 2012 will probably cause some kind of disillusionment necessary to lead Bachmann on a new track — to start over again and to be real. It is highly unlikely that it will lead to a successful win as the next President of the United States. But on the other hand, 2012 will probably provide circumstances that will allow Bachmann to find a more meaningful, spiritual purpose in her life in 2013.

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