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Medical Astrology Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent (born August 1, 1936 at 7:45 PM GMT in Oran, Algeria; Asc 23 Aqu 17) was apparently diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He also suffered from severe depression and underwent treatment for alcohol abuse. Health issues were a serious problem in the late 1980’s.

I find several configurations in the natal horoscope quite telling: Uranus (r. Asc) is square the Sun (r. 7th) which doesn’t bide well for smooth relationships. This configuration could be considered a ‘peregrine island square,’ hence high nervous tension and independence can run away with his identity. Note that Sun=Uranus=Mars/Ascendant: “testiness; argumentative; temper; ego aggrandizement.”

I think this peregrine configuration is very pertinent as we see in 2004 that tr. Pluto was not only square Saturn (ruler of the 12th house), but also sesquiquadrate the Sun and Uranus right through 2006. This coincides with the Solar Arc SA Neptune square Ascendant (Sep ’06). In 2005/2006 as well, tr. Saturn was conjunct Pluto and the Sun, and square Uranus (r. Asc). Then in 2007/2008 we see enormous tension with the Ascendant: tr. Saturn opposed the Ascendant, and tr. Neptune conjunct the Ascendant.

I find the natal midpoints quite telling of his psychological/emotional state.

Ascendant=Saturn/Pluto=Mars/Saturn=Moon/Saturn: sadness; struggling for every step of advance; possible health threat; a reserved (hurt) self-presentation.

Neptune=Moon/Uranus: “nervousness about a sense of futility; things are unclear and unsecure for no apparent reason.”

Mars=Moon/Pluto: “often an intense emotional crisis; great tension; too much energy not knowing where to go; frustration and anger.”

Also interesting to consider is Sun quindecile the Moon (the lack of objectivity; extreme self-centeredness and being oblivious to rest of the world) and Sun quindecile Ascendant, a “you will notice me” attitude, which seems to contradict his reclusive Capricorn Moon in the 12th house however this may have been part of his struggle with the outer world. Certainly a fascinating horoscope worth further study.

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