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Medical Astrology Luciano Pavarotti

Sometime last year, we discussed Pavarotti’s horoscope on Noel Tyl’s Discussion Forum when he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer in June/July 2006.

Yesterday, according to the BBC, Pavarotti was admitted to the hospital in his home town Modena, Italy. Spokespeople for Pavarotti have declined to comment on his treatment only saying that he was admitted with a fever. However, “A local newspaper reported that Pavarotti was diagnosed with pneumonia while on holiday with his family at a resort on the Adriatic seaside.”

In recent years Pavarotti has been plagued with bad health. In March 2005, he had neck surgery to repair two vertebrae, while a bout of laryngitis forced him to cancel an appearance in Mexico in June last year. He also had back surgery and contracted an infection while in the hospital, which forced him to cancel further concert dates.

Currently now upon his admission to the hospital, Pavarotti’s horoscope (born October 12, 1935 at 1:40 AM in Modena, Italy; Asc 22 Leo 31) shows transiting Saturn’s final conjunction with his Ascendant. Looking ahead, it would appear that health concerns will be heightened with SA Mars=Moon (ruler of the 12th house of critical illness) and SA Moon=MC, both in November 2007. Transiting Neptune will oppose his Ascendant throughout 2008 while transiting Saturn will semisquare the Sun (ruler of the Ascendant) and semisquare Pluto.

In the natal horoscope, Jupiter is the only planet in hard aspect (square) to the Ascendant. Jupiter is also in Scorpio the sign with significance to the disease cancer. So there is a predisposition to liver weakness in his horoscope, reinforced by Neptune square Mars in Sagittarius (Jupiter/Sagittarius rule over the liver).

According to what is being reported, “a malignant pancreatic mass was able to be completely removed at surgery.” Looking over the past three years, tr. Pluto was conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in 2003 (with tr. Saturn semisquare the Ascendant into 2004). Tr. Saturn was then square both the Moon (ruling the 12th) and the Sun (ruling the Ascendant) in 2004. And as Amy noted, in mid-2005, SA Pluto was semisquare his Ascendant, and Saturn was transiting the 12th house of critical illness conjunct Pluto in the 12th! Currently now at the time of surgery and diagnosis, SA Uranus is square the Moon (r. 12th) with tr. Saturn about to conjunct the Ascendant for the first contact in October ’06.

Looking ahead, tr. Saturn will conjunct his Ascendant (last hit in July 2007), with SA Mars square the Moon (r. 12th) toward the end of the year in November ‘07. That leads into 2008 with tr. Neptune oppose his Ascendant, and simultaneously square Jupiter at the very same time (i.e. natal Jupiter is square his Ascendant). So there certainly is, has been, and will be concern over his liver (particularly in 2008). Not to mention in mid-2009, SA Midheaven will conjunct Pluto in the 12th house!

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