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A Major Crisis in Brazil Aviation

With two devastating airplane crashes within the past year (on September 29, 2006 and July 17, 2007; killing a total of 353 people), Brazil is undergoing a major crisis in aviation.

Most recently, President Lula has fired both the Defense Minister and the Chief of Aviation. Lula has been under intense criticism from the public for not visiting Sao Paulo after the latest crash on July 17, 2007.

I would like to share some fascinating observations with the Birth Chart of Brazil (September 7, 1822 at 4:00 PM in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Asc 20 Aqu 26; MC 18 Sco 45).

This chart was used by the late and brilliant astrologer John Milton Taber who said, “There is firm historical documentation suggesting that Brazil became independent at 4:00 PM on Sept. 7, 1822 in São Paulo.” As well from Campion’s book “The Book of World Horoscopes,” (Second Edition, 1996; p.99): “Brazil proclaimed its independence from Portugal [...] on 7 September 1822. The event … took place between 4:00 and 5:00 P.M. LMT …”

Just focusing on one important natal aspect in the horoscope, we see peregrine Saturn in the 3rd house (of inland transportation and communication) in a tight sesquiquadrate to peregrine Mercury, the chart’s final dispositor, in the 8th house (of public mortality). In mundane charts, Mercury rules over communication and travel; Saturn, the controls necessary for society to function efficiently and orderly.

Encompassing the period of both airplane disasters, we see that natal Mars (ruler of the 3rd house) has ARCED to Mercury and Saturn (SA Mars=Mercury; Nov ’06, and SA Mars conjunct Saturn in the 3rd house; Jan ’08). We also note that natal Saturn and Mercury have ARCED to the North Node (SA Saturn square Node; May ’06, and SA Mercury semisquare Node on July ’07 at the time of the second crash). On top of that, right in the midst of both disasters, two very difficult Solar Arcs: SA Pluto=Ascendant (Dec ’06) and SA Saturn=Pluto (Jan ’07)!

The transits of Neptune and Saturn to the Angles of the natal chart seem to confirm the accuracy of a 4:00 PM birth time. Transiting Neptune was conjunct the Ascendant (the country’s people) for its retrograde hit in August ’07 (i.e. at the time of the second crash, and square the Midheaven during the first crash). Transiting Saturn was opposed the Ascendant and square the Midheaven in September 2006 (precisely at the time of the first plane crash). Aside from these two aviation catastrophes, Brazil experienced an enormous amount of aviation turmoil over the past holiday season (Dec 2006/Jan 2007) when flights were completely oversold and overbooked, leaving a barrage of passengers behind! In Brazil, one of the busiest holiday periods is 10 days between December 26th and January 6th when hotels are pre-paid and sold-out months in advance. Countless passengers lost valuable money and vacation time over the past Christmas season due to Brazil’s chaotic aviation system.

Hopefully aviation will improve in Brazil but it is a real shame that it takes such a loss of life to make necessary changes.

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