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Medical Astrology Fidel Castro

In Fidel Castro’s horoscope (born August 13, 1927; 2:00 AM; Biran Cuba; Asc 29 Gem 42) we see potential health crisis in the last 6 months of 2007.

What becomes a bit more concerning is the addition of SA Neptune=Ascendant (July) along with SA Pluto=Sun (June) and SA Saturn=Sun (October). With tr. Neptune oppose the Sun (rx hit in September) and simultaneously conjunct the Moon (rx hit in August), this is no doubt a major, major time next summer/autumn.

I believe health problems gave birth toward the end of 2003. At that time, we SA Mercury (r. Asc and intestines) arcing to Saturn and Pluto with tr. Saturn square Venus (r. 12th) and conjunct the Ascendant. Then throughout 2005, tr. Pluto square Venus (r. 12th).

In the Noel Tyl’s Notebook Essay this month (Enforcing Efficiency with Horoscope Preparation), he reiterates what he often teaches (i.e. “how many measurements do we really need?!”): “Gradually, during my Master’s Certification Course, I wean my students from over-measurement, from insignificant or even useless measurements, and obsessing over the measurement process.”

In Castro’s horoscope, I outlined the major activity in terms of critical illness: “In 2006 and 2007, we see SA Mars conjunct Venus (r. 12th; 2/06), with the extended transit of Neptune oppose the Sun (5/06, 2/07, 12/07), and tr. Saturn conjunct the Sun (9/06, 6/07). Note that the last hit of tr. Neptune oppose Sun in December 2007 is accompanied by SA Pluto=Saturn and SA Pluto=Sun, both exact in November 2007!”

In terms of potential critical illness, those measurements are crystal clear!!! If we really want to hone-in on a more specific time (week or month) in 2007, then I would look at transiting Mars, indirect solar arcs, and Tertiary Progressions focusing on the TP Moon in hard aspect to the angles or to the ruler of the Ascendant or 12th house (using a very accurate birth time).

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