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George W. Bush Inauguration Chart

President Bush was sworn in on January 20th, 2005 at 11:57 AM; Capitol Building, District of Columbia (Asc 13 Tau 00; MC 25 Cap 26).

I see the following as major issues of concern in the Inauguration chart:

With Saturn retrograde (ruler of both the 9th of foreign affairs / courts / law, and the 10th of the Republican Party and the president) exactly conjunct the 4th house cusp (the Democratic Party), we feel strong suppressive ‘controls’ from the President and his party.

Neptune ruler of the 12th house (secret enemies of the nation) is square the Ascendant (the people, the identity that is projected to the rest of the world). Neptune rules oil, deception, subversion, and scandal.

Pluto (ruler of the 7th – the nation’s relationship with other nations) is conjunct Mars (ruler of the 12th of secret enemies) in the 8th house of the national debt and financial relations with other countries! We sense open conflict, international disputes involving war and peace, and extraordinary turns of events in shaping a country’s history. Death and rebirth!!! Pluto and Mars coupled together: extreme force, persuasion, control; brutality; excessive effort. As well, Pluto is quindecile the Moon representing the people / the masses (the Moon rules both the communications 3rd and 4th of the democrats and real estate).

As to the nation’s finances, the Sun is peregrine, ruling the 5th house of the stock market! Strong idealism is suggested with the armed forces with Mercury conjunct Venus (both co-ruling the 6th) in the 9th house of foreign affairs. Augmented by its square from Jupiter ruler of the 8th – how this all will affect the nation’s debt!!! All very scary, to say the very least. A few more interesting things I see with Bush’s Horoscope and the Inauguration Chart: Bush’s horoscope shows tr. Saturn conjunct Saturn in the 12th house (Sat r. 6th) in June 2005. This coincides with tr. Saturn oppose the MC-Sun in the Inauguration Chart in June/July 2005. Could this be some kind of new start for the President / Republican Party (Inauguration Saturn rules the 10th) coinciding with health concerns for Bush???

Earlier in April 2005, Bush’s horoscope shows tr. Uranus square Mars (r. 10th), coinciding with the Inauguration horoscope of transiting Uranus square Moon (representing the people/masses; ruling the 4th of the Democratic Party) in April 2005. Bush’s sudden application of great energy and dominant will in his profession, spurred on by an intensification of the people (i.e., riots) to fulfill their needs???

In September/October 2005, Bush’s horoscope shows tr. Saturn conjunct the Ascendant and Pluto (r. 4th) coinciding with the Inauguration Chart’s SP Moon oppose Mars (r. 12th, in the 8th…public enemies, death concerns) in October 2005, and the emotionally challenging SA Saturn=Moon (inhibited, lonely sad people) in December 2005.

My initial impression of the 2005 Inauguration Chart was ‘ominous.’

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